Census bureau will pay you to be counted

Let’s imagine a scenario: A government official comes into Boyle Heights, a historically Latino neighborhood in East Los Angeles, and makes a proposition to a group of residents. In exchange for answering a few basic questions about their lives, the government will guarantee them a pot of money to help pay for child care, education and prescription drugs.

Seems like a winning proposition, right?

It already has a name: the U.S. census. Every decade, the census aims to count every person in our country – no matter who they are, where they were born or how much money they make. This information is used to allocate federal funds for public services and also draw election districts.

Source: What California Latinos have at stake in the next census | The Sacramento Bee


2 thoughts on “Census bureau will pay you to be counted

  1. The Census is merely head count and should NOT be used to award monies. many folks simply refuse to give them any data beyond what the Constitution says is their civic duty. Questions like how many rooms are in your home, how much money do you owe etc, are intrusive and shouldn’t be answered. Who knows were that info really goes.


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