Judge strikes down law that would have given free money to politicians

A Superior Court judge has struck down a new law signed by Gov. Jerry Brown that would have allowed cities, counties and the state to provide public financing of political campaigns, ruling that it violates a ban on that use of taxpayer dollars established nearly 30 years ago.

Judge Timothy M. Frawley in Sacramento ruled that the financing law, which was signed last September, “directly contradicts” Proposition 73, an initiative approved by voters in 1988 that bans use of public money for campaigns.

Source: Judge invalidates law that would have allowed public financing of political campaigns in California – LA Times


2 thoughts on “Judge strikes down law that would have given free money to politicians

  1. I seriously wonder if the libturd utopia land of fruits nuts and trans genders will EVER get it’s crap togeather and reform. Not likley either folks unless there is armed revolution the libturd dictators in stinkramento will lord over us all and rule without representation or anyway to stop their actions! The slippery sloap is about reached and the tipping point is almost at hand!!


    1. Your spot on in your statements. Jerry and his one party soviet style government are well down the slippery slope and it’s getting worse. It will be very difficult to bring it back into the Union without severe draconian measures.. With a one party system and dysfunctional Republicans DC types here in Kaly content to sit back and collect their checks without any resistance, or push back, anarchy and mass civil disorder IS going to be starting in the every near future beyond what it is now. It will most likely require federal troops ,curfews. lawsuits to bring the rebellious state back . The democrat political hacks following Saul Alinski’s Rules for Radicals must be brought to trial and publicly denounced & imprisoned as a warning to other democrat run states.


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