Yawn! Another dumb #TimDraper scheme to split up California


If a tech billionaire in the Golden State has his way, California would be broken into three new states, with Sacramento and San Francisco anchoring the one in the north, San Diego anchoring the one in the south and Los Angeles anchoring the one in the middle.

The effort to break up California is the work of Timothy Draper, who you’ll remember from his failed attempt to break the state into six pieces in 2014.

Now he’s at it again and has already submitted the paperwork to propose a statewide ballot measure in 2018.

What a loser.

Source: A billionaire wants to split California into three new states – The San Diego Union-Tribune

One comment

  1. If the cities mentioned were to be the ones that became the centers for the 3 new states, then why do it. Their crackpot politics are exactly the same, so what the difference. Unless one area becomes a new state without the same crazies running it, there’s no point.. Going with the ” State of Jefferson”


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