Authorities let psycho out of jail…then he killed a deputy

The suspect in a hotel shootout that killed a California sheriff’s deputy and wounded two CHP officers was wanted by federal authorities and has a long and violent criminal history, according to court records.

Thomas Daniel Littlecloud, 32, was in critical condition Thursday at a hospital with life-threatening injuries after the shootout a day before, Sacramento County sheriff’s Sgt. Tony Turnbull said.

Littlecloud had been sentenced to California prisons on four separate occasions since 2004 for assault with a semi-automatic weapon, grand theft and evading a police officer.

Federal court records also show a judge ordered his arrest for twice failing to show up in court in July after agreeing to a plea deal to resolve a drug, gun and identity theft case.

Source: Suspect in killing of California deputy has violent past | The Modesto Bee


One thought on “Authorities let psycho out of jail…then he killed a deputy

  1. He had a semi-automatic weapon, nNnoooo.. Hows that possible.. Jerry Browns Kaly has the ” Toughest gun laws” in America and while the rubes obey the laws designed to disarm them, this dirt bag got one very easily as guns are currency to criminals.. NO 10 day waiting period.. Let him die !!


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