#LATimes celebrates the trashing of #ColumbusDay, #ItalianAmericans

There’s a big party going on at the Los Angeles Times. They have finally kicked Christopher Columbus, and L.A.’s Italian-Americans to the curb.

Twenty five years ago, ahead of its time as usual, the city of Berkeley renamed Columbus Day as Indigenous Peoples Day.

Los Angeles, what took you so long?

Henceforth in Los Angeles, there will be no day devoted solely to the achievements of Columbus, who was both the discoverer of the New World and the catalyst for the destruction of Native American people and their cultures in the centuries that followed.

Sorry Italian-Americans. The L.A. Times runs on hate, it’s what keeps them going. Now it’s your turn.

Source: Replacing Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day is a long overdue victory for civil rights – LA Times


One thought on “#LATimes celebrates the trashing of #ColumbusDay, #ItalianAmericans

  1. This is the result of politcal correctness and democrats going MAD.. How about we start erasing Indians from history for the savages they were. They committed mass genocide on other tribes and enslaved the captives… Same kind of ass backwards and Marxist thinking…Kaly has a HUGE Italian community. Do you think that they won’t retaliate in some way.. This is now finally War folks. It’s time t re-take our country from these savages in power. My Grandparents on both sides of my family would be looking for payback.. It’s the Italian way..


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