#LATimes pundit: President #Trump causes #asthma in #Latinos


“This public health problem poses a particular threat to Latinos, who are exposed disproportionately to high levels of the main pollutants that can aggravate asthma: ozone and fine particulate matter.

President Trump is undermining efforts to improve air quality for Americans.

The Trump administration’s deportation crackdown means that Latino immigrants are less likely to seek medical attention.

For Latinos, the Trump administration is compounding the problem even more, through its efforts to roll back healthcare and its aggressive deportation policies.”

Looking for serious journalism in the Los Angeles Times??? Not today.

Source: Latinos are disproportionately affected by asthma, and Trump’s policies are making it worse – LA Times


One thought on “#LATimes pundit: President #Trump causes #asthma in #Latinos

  1. Ask the mexicans to got back to Mexico were the air is sweet and clean.. boy do I love reading the fantasies these creeps in the LA Times come up with.. Not even a real paper anymore.. But they’re on the level of the Glob and the Inquirer .. MY son is a space alien stuff.


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