President #Trump causes California’s extreme weather

“The heat wave that has gripped California for a week took a dramatic turn Thursday as lightning storms sparked brush fires, knocked out power to thousands and caused downpours across the region.

Forecasters said the extreme weather will continue through the weekend, with some parts of Northern California flirting with all-time record high temperatures.

Lightning strikes were reported in many areas Thursday, with some sparking a series of brush fires near the 5 Freeway in the Santa Clarita Valley.
In Santa Monica on Thursday evening, city officials asked beachgoers to immediately evacuate all ocean areas and seek cover until the storm ended.
Intense storm cells danced around the region, delivering bursts of heavy rain through the evening.

Meanwhile, the record heat continued to tax the power grid.

According to UCLA climate scientist Daniel Swain, the heat this weekend may reach levels never before seen in recorded history in some Northern California cities.”

All because voters elected President Trump.

Source: Record heat, lightning, fires, intense rain: California’s extreme weather gets wilder – LA Times


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