California’s business climate isn’t really that bad

In the 2014-17 period, California added 51,835 companies of all sizes (a 2.3 percent gain); next was Florida, up 49,107 (2.6 percent); Colorado was third up 18,237 (4.0 percent); and Arizona was No. 4, up 18,132 (4.6 percent).

California’s economy benefits from its sheer size and a strong entrepreneurial spirit that’s boosted by a diverse, talented workforce, said Geri Stengel, a research advisor to American Express.

“California is a very innovative state,” she said. “It has more than its fair share of small companies that will be the future.”

The growing roster of California businesses — and expanding payrolls — smartly counters the doom-and-gloomers who think this state is a poor place to do business.

Source: What business exodus? California tops in U.S. for company creation


One thought on “California’s business climate isn’t really that bad

  1. Thats true. The R&D is done in Kaly.. The actual implementation of the product is done in the other states mentioned. No one can afford the labor costs here. So away they go to build the product else where.


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