Don’t like #Mexican immigrants…? Good luck getting that new house built

It’s noble to suggest California must add hundreds of thousands of new residences to adequately house its growing flock of citizens.

And it’s great that state lawmakers had the nerve to raises gasoline taxes and vehicle registration fees to pay for much-needed road repairs.

I’ve got one really big question: Who’ll build all of this?

One lightly discussed hurdle to improving the state’s housing stock and transportation networks is the shortage of construction workers.

Source: Without more construction workers, homes won’t get built and roads won’t get fixed – Orange County Register


One thought on “Don’t like #Mexican immigrants…? Good luck getting that new house built

  1. That headline is totally not true.. Here in South Oregon while I was visiting friends for a month , we were staying in an area that has a huge building boom going on. It seems that the Kalys are leaving by the thousands and some are heading to this area. The amazing fact is that there are a few hundred carpenters and other workmen building homes in the new development and the kool fact is that they are 99% white construction workers making a very good salary.. Maybe a few Mexican here and there. Thats all. So the Urban legend that the Mexicans are the only ones who will do this work is a complete fabricated lie by the US Chamber of Commerce. There are mainly white workers in So Oregon working full time on the construction of hundreds of new homes. The builders in Kaly just don’t want to,pay white workers what the job is worth, so they hire unskilled labor , often illegals, to build homes for half the labor costs of white workers.. Seal that border and raise wages which have been stagnant for 15 years now. MAGA !!


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