Over-regulation destroys California’s strawberry industry – workers crushed

Dole Food Co. will lay off 402 workers from its Pajaro Valley fields and packing facilities as part of a widening move out of California’s strawberry market.

Dole’s berry division informed the state of the layoffs, which will affect 268 pickers and other laborers, drivers and supervisors from its harvesting and cooling operations in Watsonville, in a letter to state employment officials dated Monday.

Last month, the company announced a similar move from its Southern California operations, including laying off 172 unionized workers from its operations centered in Oxnard, according to state records.

New state rules that shorten the work week and require more overtime hours have added to costs, as have increased restrictions on the use of fumigants and other chemicals.

Source: Pulling back from strawberry market, Dole Food Co. to lay off 402 workers in Pajaro Valley – LA Times


One thought on “Over-regulation destroys California’s strawberry industry – workers crushed

  1. There you have it.. DemoRat economic policies like in Detroit, LA , Seattle, Chicago, & New Jersey have just killed of another important industry in Kaly.. Thank Jerry and his State EPA Marxists for over 400 people losing their jobs and going onto welfare..The destruction of Kalyforna and it’s conversion to a leftist Venezuelan state continues unchecked..Watch the flood of U-Hauls heading to the border of Kaly turning into a flood as the Dem’s use their Super Majority to install Socialist policies that have destroyed country after country all over the world


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