How California’s feckless bail industry screws poor people

As a public defender in New York City, Gina Clayton realized the cash bail system used in most state courts across the country was placing a heavy burden on women. The grandmothers and mothers who visited her office bailed relatives out so often that they knew several bond agents by name.

Often the women navigated complicated contracts and paid high fees alone, she said. Many ended up swimming in debt. Some lost their homes.

Frustrated with the daily churn of cases, she moved back to her hometown, Los Angeles, four years ago. She had a mission.

Source: This group is putting women at the center of the battle to fix California’s bail system – LA Times


One thought on “How California’s feckless bail industry screws poor people

  1. OH.. so now it’s a freakin woman’s issue that criminals are conning their relatives into going into debt to get them out after they commit crimes.. Try this.. Next time Little Jimmy robs the corner store and calls mom or his sister to get him out… LEAVE HIM THERE.. period.. Why would you keep bailing out a loser in your family. let him see what it’s like to rot in the slammer waiting for his court date.Bet he’ll time twice next time if he has to sit in the Slammer… In other words.. It ain’t our problem.


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