California educators panic as #DACA action threatens their bottom line

California’s education industry isn’t taking President Trump’s DACA action lightly.

According to the LA Times “California is home to the nation’s largest concentration of students — about 214,000 as of last year — who received temporary protection from deportation under the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.”

Don’t kid yourself though. This number represents huge money to educators. It’s never been about the children.


One comment

  1. NO WORRIES, the same Repubs who have refused to pass Trumps agenda that he was elected on, and couldn’t find their rear-ends to repeal the collapsing ObamaCare, are suddenly finding new life as they rush to come up with Amnesty for 800,000 shiny new demoRat Voters who need to be deported. Thats 214,000 new openings in the Kaly Higher Education system that citizens can fill.


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