Feckless #Republicans are now responsible for the #Dreamers

President Trump on Tuesday took action to strip away protections from deportation for roughly 800,000 people brought into the country illegally as children, giving Congress six months to write a law to resolve their plight.

Trump offered little guidance on what exactly he wanted done and left it to a Congress full of losers to work out the details.

If the Republican Congress fails, and the Dreamers are put in jeopardy of being deported to countries they know little of, if anything, Trump and some supporters have suggested the fault will be lawmakers’.

Republicans are on the spot, they are going to have to reform the nation’s immigration system or face the consequences at the polls.

Source: Trump tells Congress to resolve fate of ‘Dreamers’ as he phases out their protections from deportation – LA Times


One thought on “Feckless #Republicans are now responsible for the #Dreamers

  1. Most polls show that the citizens of America want these cretins deported. I could care less if they are clueless about their mother country. Their parents are responsible and it is NOT the Repubs fault that they were illegally given temporary protection by barry obama. Deport them and get rid of 800,000 shiny new demoRat voters.. Many have criminal records and no citizenship should ever be conferred onto criminals from other countries.


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