Contra Costa Sheriff moves to punish critics

Contra Costa Sheriff David Livingston and county Supervisor John Gioia, who clashed over the controversial West County jail expansion, are at odds again — this time over the contract renewal for a Richmond-based prisoner re-entry program.

Gioia claims the sheriff is trying to hold up the contract with Rubicon Programs Inc. because the program operator did not support the jail expansion, which was heartily supported by Livingston and opposed by Gioia and West County community activists.

The sheriff, meanwhile, claims he is simply looking out for taxpayers’ interests.

“It appears to be retaliation against Rubicon Programs because its executive director took a position against jail expansion,” Gioia, who represents Richmond, said Friday.

Nonsense, countered Livingston. He says he has serious concerns about Rubicon’s proposed contract to keep operating the West County Reentry Resource Center, a program for inmates returning to life on the outside. He wants the matter discussed further.

Sorry, we just don’t believe the Sheriff. Law enforcement has proven time and again that you can’t take much of anything they say at face value.

Source: County supervisor: Sheriff seeking revenge on another critic


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