Homeless abandoning the #BayArea, head for #Republican communities

Sick of high costs and the police rousting them all the time, homeless people are leaving the Bay Area looking for friendlier surroundings in rural California.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, an analysis of biennial homeless counts taken early this year across California shows the sharpest increases occurred not in San Francisco and other urban centers but in out-of-the-way places such as the thickly forested Sierra Nevada and the dusty flatlands and low hills of the northern Sacramento Valley.

This should drive California’s few remaining Republicans holed up in these communities absolutely berserk.

Source: California’s homelessness crisis expands to country – San Francisco Chronicle


One thought on “Homeless abandoning the #BayArea, head for #Republican communities

  1. Mother nature will take care of the issue in winter for us.. Try living in the mountains and valleys in the dead of winter and those small communities aren’t anywhere near as stupid or brain dead as the touchy feely types in the SF area. They know how to get rid of trash.. Wanna bet they send them back on buses to San Fran.


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