U.S. Department of Transportation OK’s #UnitedAirlines beating of #DavidDao

After United Airlines thugs beat the hell out of passenger David Dao, the U.S. Department of Transportation conducted an investigation. Dao you may recall, suffered a broken nose, a concussion and lost two teeth.

To no one’s surprise, the DOT completely exonerated United. After all, the U.S. airline industry pumps millions of campaign dollars into the pockets of members of Congress. Once can hardly expect a federal agency to side with the public on a matter like this.

Source: United Airlines won’t be fined for passenger-dragging incident, feds say – LA Times


One thought on “U.S. Department of Transportation OK’s #UnitedAirlines beating of #DavidDao

  1. good.. This idiot purposely made a decisions NOT to get up when he was offered a nice bonus to leave his seat.
    Having a homosexual temper tantrum, especially after it was discovered that he lost his license due to trading sex for writing prescriptions for drugs is probably the reason. Besides , he is suing for damages and thats enough punishment for United. Obama would have hit the airline with massive fines for beating up one of the democrats favorite & protected voting blocks. It’s finally time to have the scales of justice swing back to sanity !!


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