It’s #UrbanShield time again – #PoliceState thugs get more tools to kill you with


Urban Shield, which is hosted by the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office, kicked off its 11th year Thursday. About 250 law enforcement agencies were expected to participate, including international teams from the Netherlands and Taiwan.

“This is our shopping mall,” Alameda County Sheriff Greg Ahern told the Chronicle.

There was nothing about de-escalation training…Urban Shield isn’t about prevention. It is about efficient ways to kill citizens.

Enjoy your Police State.

Source: Urban Shield offers tools for law officers, ammunition for skeptics – San Francisco Chronicle


One thought on “It’s #UrbanShield time again – #PoliceState thugs get more tools to kill you with

  1. As Kaly descends into planned purposeful anarchy and revolution, lets face it.. The street Antifa thugs & the Dem’s are gearing up for street war and our only saviors are going to be the police and the equipment used to fight street to street in Iraq. It is now abundantly clear that the demorat party and Soros are getting ready to finally complete what they started in the 60’s. The takeover of America and turning it into a EU style totalitarian Marxist country.


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