Police target poor people in traffic stops

Gov. Jerry Brown signed a historic law this summer ending driver license suspensions for failure to pay traffic fines. Going forward, license suspensions are more likely to be about traffic safety than punishing people for not having money. Thousands of Californians will no longer risk losing their jobs for lack of a driver’s license.

But that change is only the first step. Despite the new law, the Department of Motor Vehicles has left 200,000 low-income Californians stranded: It won’t give them back their licenses even though the legal authority for those suspensions was repealed.

Source: Opinion: California, stop ‘pay more for being poor’ fines


One thought on “Police target poor people in traffic stops

  1. The reality is that the so-called poor.. DON’T pay their fines and impounding their cars was the ONLY way the Kaly government was going to get it’s blood money. Now good luck trying to collect that cash folks. Soon, they will simply stop registering their cars or steal the tags from another car..


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