Orange County Sheriff plans new assault on the homeless

More bad news for the homeless.

Orange County Sheriff’s deputies will begin patrolling the populous homeless encampments that span at least five cities along the Santa Ana River after county supervisors approved the plan.

The flood control channel homeless community – which spans the cities of Anaheim, Orange, Santa Ana, Garden Grove and Fountain Valley – has received little law enforcement oversight during the past couple years amid jurisdictional disputes between police agencies.

The sheriff’s department now has committed to taking the lead in policing the area in an effort to curb the drug and property crime that has spilled into river-adjacent neighborhoods.

Source: Orange County Sheriff patrols of riverbed homeless begin Friday – Orange County Register


One thought on “Orange County Sheriff plans new assault on the homeless

  1. These so-called camps need to be busted up otherwise they will continue to expand. The TAXPAYERS should have priority over these bums who are addicted to drugs and breaking into homes to steal stuff to support their habits. Plus, building them housing is a complete waste of dwindling tax monies as it’s like banging the dinner bell.. More services and housing equals .. More bums coming in to the area.. It’s eco 101..


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