Free community college for a year bill heading to Brown’s desk

California would pick up the first year of community college for virtually all full-time freshmen under a bill passed by the state Legislature on Wednesday and headed to Gov. Jerry Brown.

AB19 by Assemblymen Miguel Santiago, D-Los Angeles; David Chiu, D-San Francisco; and Kevin McCarty, D-Sacramento, would waive the $46-per-unit fee for full-time students in California entering their first year of community college. Low-income students already can apply for a fee waiver, but the bill would cover the cost for an additional 19,000 students’ first year. Each student taking 12 units each semester would save $1,104 a year under the bill.

Source: Lawmakers OK free year of community college for all; bill goes to governor – San Francisco Chronicle


One comment

  1. somebody is paying for that $1,000 bucks folks and it’s once again going to be the middle class. We are being slow boiled in a pot like a crab is until it realizes it’s too late.. Leave this state while you still can. !!


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