Sorry #Sacramento: Nevada targeting second #Amazon headquarters

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports state economic development officials are putting together a proposal to draw in the giant online retailer. Amazon announced that it will spend $5 billion on the construction and operation of its new location called Amazon HQ2. The facility would house up to 50,000 full-time employees.

Governor Brian Sandoval (the guy who effortlessly snatched Tesla’s giant battery factory away from Sacramento) said that Amazon already has a huge presence in the state and thinks officials would be interested in future expansion in Nevada.

Source: Nevada seeks to become home of second Amazon headquarters


One thought on “Sorry #Sacramento: Nevada targeting second #Amazon headquarters

  1. So Surprise.. Jerry and his thugee democrats in sacto have destroyed the business climate in Kaly with $15 hr minimum wages, massive green regs, huge taxes & Cap & Tax shake downs on business and much more.. So Jerry, with a little restraint and common sense that is completely missing in the party’s message and actions, YOU Jerry, could have had this 5 Billion $$$ money machine in your state. No wonder we are seeing a line of cars heading to NV out of Kaly and business is heading straight to NV to do business.


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