San Francisco outraged over murder caused by careless cop

The killing last month of Abel Enrique Esquivel Jr. in San Francisco’s Mission District provoked anguish at a community center where the 23-year-old had interned over the summer, working with young people in need of the same kind of mentoring he had received from the group when he was a teenager.

But a new police account of how Esquivel died — gunned down on the street a block from his home by a teenage robber who wore a GPS anklet and was armed with a gun that had been stolen from a city police officer’s personal car — prompted shock and anger on Thursday.

“The fact that the bullet that killed Abel came from a police officer’s gun is a really hard thing to digest,” said Lariza Dugan Cuadra, executive director of the Central American Resource Center, known as CARECEN SF, which is located on Mission and Cesar Chavez streets just blocks from where the young man was slain Aug. 15. “It’s unacceptable and it pains us.”

Source: Anguish, outrage over street killing of SF man with gun stolen from cop – San Francisco Chronicle


One thought on “San Francisco outraged over murder caused by careless cop

  1. Nice fluff piece folks.. Abel Enrique Esquivel Jr was a hardened gang member and thats why he was smoked. He wasn’t a model reformed gang banger, but a member of a gang and thats how these guys always end up. If they hadn’t stolen the gun , he still would have been killed by another means eventually. Is there any mention that he was an illegal alien and was being protected by the cities illegal sanctuary law.. If he had been deported, he might well still be alive.


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