“Voters are only giving casual attention to the governor’s race at this stage”

California voters say jobs and the economy, health care, crime and immigration policies are among their most pressing concerns heading into a year in which they will elect a replacement for Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown.

In a race in which many voters have yet to engage, Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom – a Democrat from San Francisco – continues to lead next year’s contest for governor with support from 26 percent of likely voters, according to the latest survey from UC Berkeley’s Institute of Governmental Studies.

In a virtual tie for second place are businessman John Cox, 11 percent, former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, 10 percent, and Assemblyman Travis Allen, 9 percent. Villaraigosa is a Democrat, while Cox and Allen are Republicans.

Source: Gavin Newsom leads 2018 California governor’s race | The Sacramento Bee


One thought on ““Voters are only giving casual attention to the governor’s race at this stage”

  1. I wouldn’t expect to much excitement from this election folks.. You have the choice of two far left Socialists who have terrible track records. Due to Prop 14, there will NOT be a Repub in the general Election and we will finally have a true soviet style state and one party election. You can vote for any of the above, as long as they are from the democrat party. I would expect the turnout for the main election to be well under 50%. Either you get Gavin who is owned by Silicon valley or the ultra corrupt Antonio. Both are going to loot your pocket book and pass more asinine laws that showcase Kaly as the state were crackpots and anarchists rule over the middle class. Leave this state while your property values are still high.


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