Merced County supervisor targets Jews

A video recently shared in a Facebook post by a Merced County Supervisor promotes a long-standing anti-Jewish conspiracy theory, according to an expert.

Rodrigo Espinoza, a first-term supervisor, shared a video about two weeks ago originally posted by a Facebook page called New World Order Exposition, which lifts its name from a “totally racist conspiracy theory,” according to Nella Van Dyke, a UC Merced professor who has researched extreme right groups.

“I think (the video) is less blatantly antisemitic, but it’s tied to this antisemitic idea. This is a conspiracy that’s been around for (300) years,” she told the Sun-Star. “This is a pretty common conspiracy theory among extreme right groups and their members.”

Source: Merced County supe shared antisemitic video on Facebook | Merced Sun-Star


One comment

  1. AND .. it’s his right to hold those beliefs.. Look at the crackpot Blk Lives Matter drones ( They don’t to some blks) AntiFA and the others.. Is this it.. !! Pretty lame compared to the lefts post from Kalyfornia


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