Resources for Governmental Advocates


By Ray LeBov and Chris Micheli

What follows is a basic listing of online and printed resources that will be valuable to anyone involved in governmental advocacy or who works in and around the California State Capitol. This listing is online at

Resources and services for governmental advocates:

The Institute of Governmental Advocates ( is the voluntary, nonprofit professional membership association for California lobbyists and lobbying firms. IGA maintains a professional code of conduct for advocates and their employers, which is available on the IGA website.

The Fair Political Practices Commission ( is a state agency that, among other aspects of its mission, defines and regulates the lobbying process and those engaged in the practice of advocacy, in accordance with the Political Reform Act implemented by the California Legislature. Familiarity with FPPC rules is a must for governmental advocates. The FPPC maintains a toll-free advice line at (866) ASK-FPPC (275-3772), and any advice provided by FPPC in response to a query is considered official and binding.

Official California legislative information is provided by the Legislative Counsel of California at The site provides the full text of all bills, resolutions and amendments currently pending, a daily calendar of events (e.g., committee and subcommittee hearings, floor sessions), and a list of legislative publications.

Bill tracking services offer both standard and customized research, analysis and tracking of pending legislation, and now cover budget and regulatory agency processes as well. The following are based in Sacramento:

Capitol Track


State Net covers not only California but all 50 states and the Federal government.

Concurrently with the above, provides customized tracking of campaign contributions and maintains a calendar of fundraising events.

Resources for government affairs associations:

“Peer Pressure: The value of a government relations peer review program,” a self-assessment tool, can be found at

The American Society of Association Executives:

California Society of Association Executives:

California Association of Nonprofits:

“Lobbying by Nonprofit Associations,” published by the Center for Nonprofit Advancement (

Key publications and directories:

“Lobbying and Advocacy” by Deanna R. Gelak, available from the publisher,, (877) 228-5086, and online bookstores (e.g., Highly recommended.

Capitol Enquiry ( offers directories in print and on CD, annual subscriptions via the web, and mobile apps, including the following:

Pocket Directory of the California Legislature (aka “The Red Book”)
California Legislature Staff Index (pocket directory)
California State Agency Directory (pocket directory)
California City & County Directory
U.S. Congress Directory (pocket directory)
Electoral district maps, profiles, and legislators
California Judicial Leaders Directory

California Political Maps,, publishes glossy two-sided wall posters of Senate and Assembly districts, and of the current Legislative Class, which also includes constitutional officers, Board of Equalization and California Supreme Court.

A complete list of legislative publications can be found at the Legislative Counsel of California website,

“California’s Legislature,” published by the Chief Clerk of the State Assembly, or (916) 445-2645. The site includes an order form for multiple copies.

“Legislative Procedure,” published by the Chief Clerk of the State Assembly, or (916) 445-2645

“Dollars and Democracy: A Guide to the State Budget Process,” published by the California Budget Center,

“The Legislative Process: A Citizen’s Guide to Participation,” published by Senate Publications, 1020 N Street, B-53, Sacramento CA 95814, (916) 651-1538,

“The Budget Process: A Citizen’s Guide to Participation,” published by Senate Publications, 1020 N Street, B-53, Sacramento CA 95814, (916) 651-1538,

“Citizen’s Guide to the Legislative Process,” published by the Chief Clerk’s Office of the State Assembly, or call (916) 319 2856 for multiple copies.

Overview of the Legislature’s components and processes

Brief overview of the Legislative Process: DOFLegislative Process

Detailed overview of the Legislative Process:

The California Budget Process: CAbudgetprocess

The Office of Administrative Law’s Overview of the Rulemaking (Regulatory) Process:

“Guide to Public Participation in the Rulemaking Process,” published by the Office of Administrative Law:

The Rulemaking Law Calendar:

California Regulatory Notice Register:

Key California government websites:

Office of the Governor:

The Executive Branch, list of departments including org chart:

The Department of Finance (critical for budget advocacy):

Office of Administrative Law (critical for regulatory agency advocacy):

Directory of state agencies:

The California Legislature:,,

Legislative Analyst’s Office (prepares analyses of the budget):

The Secretary of State (includes election campaign information):

The Secretary of State’s directory of registered lobbyists & lobbyist employers:

Selected political news websites:

Around the Capitol:


California Playbook Politico:

Capitol Alert (blog published by the Sacramento Bee):

Capitol Daybook:

Capitol Morning Report (paid subscription required for all except classifieds):

Capitol Public Radio:

Capitol Weekly (actually publishes daily):

The Nooner:

The Roundup (daily digest from Capitol Weekly and Around the Capitol):

Rough & Tumble, a snapshot of California public policy and politics:

Total Capitol:


Over the past ten years, 41-year Capitol veteran Ray LeBov and his Capitol Seminars have set some 2,000 participants on the road to lobbying success. Chris Micheli is a Principal with the Sacramento governmental relations firm of Aprea & Micheli, Inc. and guest lectures for Capitol Seminars.



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