Another San Francisco cop loses his gun…expect a killing to follow

A thief made off with a San Francisco sheriff deputy’s service pistol from a parked car, after the deputy failed to secure the firearm in violation of department policy, Sheriff Vicki Hennessy said Monday.

The break-in was reported at 6:30 p.m. Sunday in the Potrero Hill neighborhood. The off-duty deputy, whom Hennessy did not identify, had left the 9mm Glock 17 handgun in the trunk of a parked rental car, she said.

Department policy states that if a deputy must leave a gun in a vehicle, it must be stored in a metal lockbox fixed to the interior of the car and out of public view, Hennessy said. The department has opened an internal investigation into the matter, she said.

Guns stolen from law enforcement vehicles have been used in a number of shootings in recent years in the Bay Area. This one probably will too.

Don’t worry, the police never get punished for stuff like this. Even if someone is killed.

Source: Unsecured pistol stolen from San Francisco sheriff’s deputy’s car – San Francisco Chronicle


One thought on “Another San Francisco cop loses his gun…expect a killing to follow

  1. Rental cars don’t come with lock boxes in the trunk. Maybe the rocket scientists that run San Fran might want to start cleaning out the criminals they are coddling and this crap would cease. Until they stop playing patty cake with hardened criminals, expect more murders and stolen guns.. The beauty of this is that it is negating ALL of Jerry’s useless guns laws and exposes the uselessness of the fake gun control movement.


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