#OrangeCounty decides to ignore #hepatitisA pandemic

Public health officials in Los Angeles County declared an outbreak of hepatitis A early last week with 10 people infected, while in San Diego County containment efforts have been stepped-up among the street population where the disease has killed 16 homeless people and infected hundreds of others.

But with only one reported local case of hepatitis A related to the San Diego outbreak so far, Orange County health officials are holding steady to relying only on offering vaccinations to homeless people in order to prevent spread of the disease.

Advocates for the homeless argue for better sanitation services that would include hand-washing stations and portable toilets in areas where large clusters of homeless people live.

Source: Orange County sees no need to increase measures to prevent hepatitis A outbreak amid homeless population – Orange County Register


One thought on “#OrangeCounty decides to ignore #hepatitisA pandemic

  1. The homeless and the illegal aliens that Jerry and DA mayor of LA,.. Mr Garerttei love so much have now brought these diseases back to LA County. So Called advocates are the ones pushing this agenda and refuse to accept the fact that their wards are filthy maggot infested animals that are spreading diseases that we wiped out years ago with good sanitation. At some point , housing these wild animals ain’t going to cut it. You need to confine them in camps and the truly insane ones have to be locked up again like they used to. Keep in mind that Jerry Browns Daddy, closed the metal hospitals and started the homeless epidemic that has now festered into a deadly disease sweeping the county.. You can expect it to spread north as the bums take off to escape the disease and they will spread it as they go like the black plague in the middle ages..


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