Crime tsunami crushing #SanFrancisco

San Francisco’s epidemic of car burglaries may be spreading even faster than the already alarming 28 percent increase reported by police this year.

Statistics obtained from the city’s 911 center show it received 25,031 calls about auto break-ins during the first six months of 2017 — 7,061 more than the 17,970 reported by police.

The difference is that car-burglary victims’ first reaction is often to call 911 — but they don’t always follow through by filing an online report, and the cops don’t send anyone to the scene unless a smash-and-grab is in progress.

What goes into the official crime stats? Police responses and victims’ reports. A 911 call with no follow-up doesn’t count.


Source: SF’s car smash-and-grab reality even worse than count – San Francisco Chronicle


One thought on “Crime tsunami crushing #SanFrancisco

  1. Thanks to Jerry’s AB 50, Prop 47-57, there aren’t any penalties for crime here in Kaly any longer.. Crime does pay and it pays well. The 99,000 criminals that these four acts released, are the primary reason why San Fran is enjoying it’s crime wave…and the cops aren’t particularly motivated to go after them due to San Fran residents attacking the police all the time.. !!!


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