#Leftists, #Democrats, target #Jews

Increasingly, as in Europe, the largest threat stems not from the isolated, and pathetically small, lunatic fringe of white supremacists. The most anti-Israel members of Congress come primarily from the left wing of the Democratic Party, not the right wing of the GOP.

Democratic voters — as well as key constituencies like minorities and millennials — poll consistently less sympathetic to both Jews and Israel than older, generally white Republicans.

The most prominent leader of the anti-Trump Women’s March on Washington, Linda Sarsour, is a devoted anti-Israel activist and Hamas fan, who once tweeted that “nothing is creepier than Zionism.”

Other march leaders celebrate noted anti-Semites, such as the Nation of Islam’s Louis Farrakhan.

Even among some gay activists there is frequently an anti-Jewish bias, as organizers for a march in Chicago this summer moved to exclude gays who dared to put the Star of David on their banners, which is curious, given that Israel is far more tolerant regarding homosexuality than its Muslim neighbors.

Source: The changing face of anti-Semitism – Daily News


One thought on “#Leftists, #Democrats, target #Jews

  1. Since the most prominent members of the DemoRat party are jewish.. You gotta wonder what Di-Fi & The Bern are going to do. Surely good Jewish communists liken these two wouldn’t be targeted !!


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