Rat overrunning #SanFrancisco

Since 2012, San Franciscans have steadily reported more rat sightings to 311, San Francisco’s official site for information and complaints.

This year, the agency received around 848 calls from January through August and, if the numbers continue at the same rate, it’s projected that there will be about 1,272 calls made by the end of 2017.

“We get complaints for rats all over the city,” said Nader Shatara, senior environmental health inspector for the Vector Control Program at the Department of Public Health.

Source: Rat complaints in San Francisco have surged over the past five years – SFGate


One thought on “Rat overrunning #SanFrancisco

  1. As long as they let bums sleep, piss and defecate all over the city, they will have rats.. Next coming to San Fran is the Hepatitis A germ that is sweeping up from San Diego, LA and Santa Cruz.. enhjoy your coming health crisis. The rats also carry the Black Plague, another benefit for not keeping the city rat free.


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