Protests are causing the #NFL’s ratings to tank

Twitter anger has been palpable, casting a pall over a wealthy athletic establishment that jacks up prices way beyond the reach of average workers and clutters games with mind-numbing, commercial timeouts.

Many feel that, with political issues inserted into the games, a type of entertainment contract has been broken.

On top of that, rule changes and less-experienced quarterbacks have combined to dull down the game.

The issue for many Americans is not the right of these walking tattoo pillars to express themselves. Social injustice, world hunger and these days a brash Trump are legitimate causes, if you need a cause to sit down.

It’s the timing and placement of these protests.

NBC’s “Sunday Night Football” is down 7 percent this year, Fox down 11 percent, CBS 19 percent.

Source: Trump appeals to his base by jumping on NFL controversy | The Sacramento Bee


One thought on “Protests are causing the #NFL’s ratings to tank

  1. Looking forward to th e ompletel collsape of the NFL and deservedly so. Our family has turned them off for good. They won’t even enforce their own rules that are supposed to prevent this kind of anit-american stuff. Football has lost it’s entertainment value as a weeked escape and now it resembles the freakin protests at Berserkey which haev destroyed that once great schools reputation.


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