#Sacramento’s #white #elites want nothing to do with the #homeless

It’s an inconvenient political truth in California that almost everyone wants to help homeless people get off the streets and into housing.

But almost no one wants to help when that housing happens to be next door.

So, it’s no surprise that residents of North Sacramento are livid over Mayor Darrell Steinberg’s plan to open a temporary emergency shelter and a permanent “triage” shelter in their neighborhood in the coming months.

“I just don’t see any upside for our area,” Shane Curry, chairman of the Del Paso Boulevard Partnership, told The Sacramento Bee’s Ryan Lillis. “It’s not like these people are going to become contributing, productive citizens.”

There you have it. From one of the most racist cities in America.

Source: On homelessness, Sacramento’s NIMBYs need to go | The Sacramento Bee


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