Bi-partisan political hate for #Bigtech — they’ve earned it

Our nation’s ruling tech oligarchs may be geniuses in making money through software, but they are showing themselves to be not so adept in the less quantifiable world of politics.

Once the toast of the political world, the ever more economically dominant tech elite now face growing political opposition, both domestically and around the world.

For its part, the right has been alienated by the tech establishment’s one-sided embrace of progressive dogma in everything from gender politics and the environment to open borders and post-nationalism.

The left is also now decisively turning against tech leaders on a host of issues, from antitrust enforcement to wealth redistribution and concerns about the industry’s misogynist culture, so evident in firms such as Uber.

This mounting bipartisan opposition is placing the oligarchs into an increasingly uncomfortable political vise.

As left-leaning Buzzfeed’s Ben Smith put it recently, there’s “a kind of ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ alliance against big tech: Everyone wants to kill them.”

Source: Big tech finds itself lacking political allies – Daily News


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