Creepy rich white men still own the #GOP

“Republican women look very much the same now as they did pre-Trump,” says Jennifer Lawless, professor at American University and coauthor of a recent report that examined the persistent gender gap in political ambition, on both sides of the aisle.

“They’re generally not interested in running for office, the overwhelming majority has not been recruited to run, they don’t think they’re qualified to run, and their levels of political activity and enthusiasm are the same as they have always been.”

Lawless’ report, called “The Trump Effect,” also throws some cold water on the expectation that Democrats will see a seismic shift in the number of women running; reenergized political activism doesn’t necessarily translate into candidacies. But the new enthusiasm has been almost entirely on the left side of the spectrum, and some groups are trying to address that.

Source: Trump fired up female candidacies — but only for one party – LA Times


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