Insulting veterans, the flag, continues to hurt the #NFL

“It’s definitely fair to say that owners are on edge about the current climate,” said one league source who was in contact with several ownership groups this week.

They will be watching the ratings very closely and there is a worry that a segment of NFL fans want these games to be an escape from the everything else that is happening in the world and politics, and that they’ll find something else to do on Sunday’s if that’s no longer the case.

No sponsors have pulled out yet, but there have been a lot of private conversations with them at the team level and the league level. Some sponsors have concerns about the ratings moving forward, and also about the idea that some fans are getting turned off by the protests. The owners have been put in a box here and they’re in a position where they’re going to get hammered by someone no matter what they do.

Additionally, the NFL is under heavy scrutiny right now from military and veteran’s groups, at the league and team level, with offices inundated with phone calls and emails voicing concerns over the anthem protests. And while owners are worried about Trump stirring up more fans to cast aside the NFL, the fan and sponsor reaction are of primary concern with league officials unsure about the response this weekend.

Source: NFL protests: Owners keeping low profile over business concerns after tense Week 3 –


One thought on “Insulting veterans, the flag, continues to hurt the #NFL

  1. A nice piece that gingerly tip toes around the simple and plain fact that millions of FORMER NFL fans ain’t coming back. Just look at the statidiums.. one third to half empty.. It ain’t President Trump who’s doing that.. your fans are deserting you by the millions, it’s the image of anti-american, stupid rich, grossly overpaid uneducated college dropouts protesting the police / BLM which evolved into protesting the President.. The player , and the owners had better get the idea quick, that Trump is simply expressing his disgust which is mirroring the fans disgust with thr NFL that hasn’t got the balls to stop these crass ” Taking a Knee ” losers and then locking arms.. Everytime they do this, they are giving the fans and Americans in general the middle finger.. BYe BYe NFL..period !!!


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