Beautiful 3-year-old foster child dies of meth overdose 

The first time the 3-year-old foster child ingested meth, she recovered.

But she wasn’t removed from the California foster home that she had been placed at just days earlier, according to a lawsuit filed this week.

Two weeks later, though, she ingested meth again — and this time, 3-year-old Mariah died. Paramedics found a baggie of methamphetamine rocks in her room.

A lawyer for her family says her death has received almost no scrutiny because cases in the juvenile and foster care system are confidential.

“They don’t have a voice, they don’t have people who will speak out on their behalf,” Darren Kessler, the attorney representing Mariah’s brother Jeremyah through his guardian, Shannon Villanueva, told the East Bay Times. “What happens is it’s a system without accountability. The people who are in control of the kids in cases such as this are the ones responsible.”

Source: Meth overdose killed foster child weeks after ingesting meth at same home, lawsuit says | The Sacramento Bee


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