Another black eye for High Speed Rail

Another key executive at the California High-Speed Rail Authority announced his exit in recent days, the third such departure in less than a year for the troubled project.

Jon Tapping, the agency’s director of risk management since 2012, has been charged with analyzing technical, schedule and cost issues facing the $64-billion, Los Angeles-to-San Francisco system.

He reports directly to the rail authority board.

Pressure on the bullet train project has been growing for years, with multibillion-dollar cost overruns, construction delays, contracting disputes and ongoing legal issues.

The project now finds itself without a permanent chief executive, chief operating officer and risk manager — three critical positions as the rail authority works on its new business plan, scheduled for release early next year.

Source: Another key California bullet train executive is leaving – LA Times


One thought on “Another black eye for High Speed Rail

  1. The corruption in Kaly continues folks. This doondoggle is costing so much money with no end in site that Jerry should just face it and get out while he still can without looking bad.. His legecy will be this disaster if it continues like this !!!


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