California is officially a #sanctuarystate

California flexed its political muscle Thursday, beefing up protections for undocumented immigrants under a controversial law signed by Gov. Jerry Brown that pushes back against President Trump’s policies.

Brown signed the bill to create a statewide sanctuary policy on the day Trump set as the deadline for immigrants aided by the federal Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA, to request a two-year extension before the program is phased out.

Brown also signed 10 other immigration-related bills that limit the growth of detention centers, expand education services for immigrants, and extend tenant and workplace protections for undocumented people.

Source: Gov. Brown signs bill making California a sanctuary state – San Francisco Chronicle


One thought on “California is officially a #sanctuarystate

  1. Looking forard to the illegal aleins streaming out of the other 49 states and heading straigtht to kaly for protection.. You can expect murder, rape, Property crimes, and robbery to skyrocket as the criminals flock to the new Disneyland of crime and they are ALL protected.. My family and I are luckily as we have bought a home in another state and are moving soon before Kaly looks like Venezulawa.. Good Luck Kaly’s.. You just voted for the Goverment you well deserve.!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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