Criminals and cold-blooded killers seem to be ignoring California’s strict gun laws

California politicians were quick to lecture Nevada after the horrible shooting in Las Vegas, however they may want to focus on keeping their own house in order.

The state’s criminals and cold-blooded killers seem to be ignoring the most stringent anti-gun laws in the nation.

Seven teenagers were shot to death in Sacramento County last year, including a young man found dead in a relative’s garage and a popular Sacramento High School football player allegedly shot by a family friend.

In Los Angeles, police tackled a wave of gang-related shootings and the number of homicides rose for the third straight year in 2016.

Murders went up significantly in San Diego, San Jose and San Bernardino.

More people were killed with guns in California last year than in any other year since 2008, new state figures show.

Killers used guns in 1,368 California homicides in 2016.

Source: California’s gun-related homicide rate up, reversing years of decline | The Sacramento Bee


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  1. While that is true, the use of other weapons to kill is bypassed by the number one weapon used in Kaly murders… Blunt Objects and.. ready.. hands and feet . Yep, those two combined, are used much more than firearms.. Ask yourself .. WHY Jerry signed a bill that reduces penalties for use of a frearm while committing a crime.. Another reasonn to completely ignore all gun laws the legislature passes.


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