#HillaryClinton continues to blame her pathetic campaign loss on #VladimirPutin

Beating a fading drum that fewer and fewer are paying attention to, an angry and rueful, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warned a crowd at Stanford University on Friday night about the growing danger to democracy posed by cyberattacks on the country’s political system.

Clinton painted her loss to Republican Donald Trump in November’s presidential election as the opening volley in what she called a new level of political warfare.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his intelligence services jumped into the 2016 presidential race “in a brazen assault … to throw an election to their preferred candidate,” she said.

It may be time for Mrs. Clinton to follow Barbara Boxer and Nancy Pelosi off the public stage…for good. We’ve heard quite enough.

Source: Hillary Clinton warns cyberattacks are a growing danger to democracy – San Francisco Chronicle


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