ICE ramps up in California neighborhoods after #sanctuarystate bill signing

Nice going California.

ICE agents will now have to go out into communities in California even more frequently to round up illegal immigrants, now that the state has embraced a full sanctuary policy.

Tom Homan, acting director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, made the comments a day after California Gov. Jerry Brown signed SB54 into law.

920x92021Homan said the effect could be even more rank-and-file illegal immigrants snared because federal officers will now have to operate out in the community, rather than focus chiefly on prisons and jails.

Thanks to the law’s restrictions on the ability of the private prison industry to hold illegal immigrants in California, Mr. Homan said his agency will also have to ship those being detained to facilities outside the state, making it even tougher for their families to visit them.

Source: ICE will target California neighborhoods in wake of state’s new sanctuary law – Washington Times


One thought on “ICE ramps up in California neighborhoods after #sanctuarystate bill signing

  1. Very Kool.. Now they are going straight into the belly of the sancturay cities and having to ship the illegals OUT of State is just ICING on the cake.. make those ” families” have to travel to see their family member being readied for shipment back to MEE HE CO.. There are conseqeunces for being this stupid and jerry is going to find that out. He has created a mess and opend Pandoras box.. He just made the lives of his favorite illegal voting block mucho more difficult. They will now be targeted in their homes.. LOVE IT !!


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