Basically, #LosAngeles wants free water…from the #DeltaTunnels

Los Angeles residents could soon be burdened with higher water bills and property taxes to pay for a controversial project that won’t bring them any more water.

Which is why politicians from Southern California are maneuvering to get somebody else to pay.

On October 10, the Metropolitan Water District is scheduled to vote on whether to finance the proposed 35-mile twin tunnels that would alter the way water is exported from the San Francisco Bay Delta. Estimated to cost from $17 to over $50 billion.

The Metropolitan Water District, which imports water from the Delta and sells it to Los Angeles and other Southern California cities, aims to become the chief financial sponsor of the tunnels in an effort to strengthen its control over California’s water supply.

They just don’t want to pay for the water.

Source: Will Mayor Garcetti protect Angelenos from paying for the delta tunnels? – Daily News


One thought on “Basically, #LosAngeles wants free water…from the #DeltaTunnels

  1. Estimated to cost from $17 to over $50 billion.
    They have NO idea what this additional boondoggle will cost as the above price tag isn’t even close to what Jerry’s Soviet style projects ever cost.. I’d simply double the highest estiminate and then add in another 50%


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