#California’s #hepatitisA #pandemic continues to run wild

At least 481 people have been infected and 17 have died of the infection since November in San Diego. Another 88 cases have been identified in Santa Cruz and Los Angeles counties, where hepatitis A outbreaks have been declared.

Officials throughout the state are now scrambling to vaccinate homeless populations, which are considered the cause of the pandemic. Doctors say people who have already been infected could travel and unknowingly spread it elsewhere.

This means public health officials can’t solely rely on previous containment methods.

You are at risk.

Source: How San Diego’s hepatitis A outbreak became the worst the U.S. has seen in decades – LA Times


One thought on “#California’s #hepatitisA #pandemic continues to run wild

  1. At least they admit that their favorite votin block is the reason kaly is a disease ridden poophole. They coddel these filhy peple with free housing, free food, free healthcare and free taxpayers monies. So now.. your pts are responsible for a terrible disease that is spreading because you won’t face reality and put the vermin back into insituitions for care. Get them off the streetsa and stop ignoring the fact that they are spreading diseases like the Plague whih is probably next.. Welcome to Jerry Browns Socialsit Paradise.


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