#Progressive fanatics target #DianneFeinstein

It’s not just Republicans — who lack a serious candidate — who were unhappy to see Sen. Dianne Feinstein announce this week that she would be seeking a sixth term. The California Left has been hoping forever that Feinstein would retire so a true progressive might replace her.

Since that’s not happening, here’s their Plan B: state Senate Pro Tem Kevin de León, the Los Angeles Democrat, challenges her.

It is now time for Feinstein’s progressive foes to put up or shut up.

To many progressives, DiFi is, in no particular order, a corporatist, Iraq war-mongering, single-payer-health-care-dubious, not-anti-Trump-enough, pro-Patriot Act, anti-Edward Snowden one-percenter. For starters. And she has got to go.

Source: Here’s the road map for how a progressive can defeat Dianne Feinstein – San Francisco Chronicle


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