#Rich #White #Leftist #Elite target #DianneFeinstein

Rich, white, elite California Progressives unhappy that Sen. Dianne Feinstein is running for a sixth term are targeting her for elimination.

Billionaire San Francisco environmentalist Tom Steyer is planning to run against Feinstein.

Reports consistently say Steyer is all but declared his candidacy. Steyer is the White Elite’s response to Latino Kevin de Leon.

Source: 2 progressives may compete in effort to unseat Dianne Feinstein – San Francisco Chronicle


One thought on “#Rich #White #Leftist #Elite target #DianneFeinstein

  1. Frankly, given the choice between the three, I’d go for corrupt Di-Fi.. She’s old , but the other two jerks , espesially, Leon ( his real name ) are stereo type commuist bat poop crazy dem’s.. Leon brags about 50% of his illegal alien family members use FAKE ID’s to steal welfare and are here illegally. He’s a flamin racist / La Raza dirtbag and should be kept far from Congress until he terms out… His idea of government is the Mexican Patron’ style of corruption. The BILLIONAIRE.. who made ALL of his money in Fossil fuel, is another Kaly Socialist who wants a EU style state of poverty with him in charge.. Your ONLY choice is a Repub, who won’t get any support from the Party. The rest are all in it to make money on your dime and attack Trump’s agenda. No wonder Kaly is circling the drain between Jerry, Tom and El Randy,. In the end.. ONLY two Democfraps will be in the general election due to Prop14.. Welcome to your Soviet style one party Marxist government.


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