Viva #LaRaza! Kevin de León targets #DianeFeinstein

Doing what hapless California Republicans have been unable or unwilling to do, a Democrat and the leader of the state Senate, Kevin de León is ready to announce that he will challenge Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California.

She is 84 and seeking her fifth six-year term in 2018.

Last weekend, de León took on Feinstein for saying on national television that no law would have stopped the Las Vegas shooter.

Source: Kevin de León prepares to run for U.S. Senate | The Sacramento Bee


One thought on “Viva #LaRaza! Kevin de León targets #DianeFeinstein

  1. Di-Fi was correct.. No law would have stopped it.. Leon ( his REAL Name) is a corrupt mexican racist who would be better off in MEE HE CO in the Patron’ system there.. Keep this mexican racist FAR from Congress until he terms out.. They want to spread the disease of Kaly’s communism to the other 49 states


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