California bleats as President #Trump ends free-money giveaway to insurance companies

Following a recent spate of executive actions by the Trump administration to scale back or eliminate taxpayer giveaways to insurance companies, California officials are reassuring consumers that their health insurance coverage for 2017 and 2018 will likely not undergo immediate changes.

President Trump’s announcement late Thursday that the federal government will stop making billions of dollars in payments to insurers, called cost-sharing subsidies, will cut into insurers’ bottom lines significantly.

These payments, which amount to $7 billion a year, were created without authorization from Congress by President Obama. The payments were basically a bribe to get insurance companies to go along with Obamacare.

Source: Californians could feel Trump’s rollback of Affordable Care Act after 2018 – San Francisco Chronicle


One comment

  1. the criminal, Barry Obama actions are all being erased by President Trump and Kays is screaming like a stuck pig as they can’t run Jerry’s socialsit nightmare without other peoples monies aka.. the other 49 states. It’s time for the welfare queens and illegals to start paying their own way in life and get off of the governement dole and become reswponsible citizens. MAGA !!!!!


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