Governor #JerryBrown signs free community college tuition bill

More free stuff from the California Legislature.

Gov. Jerry Brown has signed AB19 by Assemblymen Miguel Santiago, D-Los Angeles; David Chiu, D-San Francisco; and Kevin McCarty, D-Sacramento, will save first-year, full-time students $1,104 a year by waiving the $46-per-unit fee. Beginning Jan. 1, the state will cover tuition for an additional 19,000 students who don’t already receive fee waivers for low-income students.

Taxpayers are clearly excited about legislation like this as they’ve overwhelmingly voted for Brown and the rest of the state’s current political leadership.

Source: Jerry Brown signs bill to make community college free statewide for first year – San Francisco Chronicle

One comment

  1. NO mention of how it adds to Kalys massive debt problem.. More freebies for illegal aliens over American middle class taxpayers..


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