Don’t expect the crooked #CPUC to hold #PG&E accountable for Northern California’s wildfires

The state’s Public Utilities Commission has launched an investigation into whether PG&E’s maintenance of its power infrastructure in Sonoma and Napa counties may have played a role in the deadly Wine Country fires.

The regulatory agency sent a letter to the utility ordering that it preserve all equipment possibly related to the string of fires, as well as internal communications discussing the disaster. The PUC president announced that his agency would focus on the energy company’s maintenance history.

“We are in contact with PG&E about their response, and we’ll be collecting information about maintenance history and vegetation management in these areas,” President Michael Picker said at the agency’s recent meeting (3 minute mark).

Don’t hold your breath waiting for the results. PG&E has spread so much money around at the CPUC that it is unfathomable that any regulatory response will pose a threat to PG&E’s bottom line.

Source: CPUC launches investigation into Northern California wildfires, PG&E


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