#Weinstein Effect: Sex perverts exposed in #SiliconValley and #Sacramento

California has a problem, and it’s not just Harvey Weinstein.

Vanity Fair ran a story with the headline, “Silicon’s Valley’s sexual harassment crisis keeps getting worse” in September, before allegations against Weinstein rippled through Hollywood and beyond.

Wired explored Silicon Valley’s similarities with Hollywood when it comes to sexual harassment as well.

Women in California politics are speaking up, too. More than 140 women — from lawmakers to lobbyists — signed a letter on Monday calling out a “pervasive” culture of sexual harassment and mistreatment that plagues their industry, especially in the state capital.

Source: Harvey Weinsteins exist in Hollywood, Silicon Valley and Sacramento, too – The San Diego Union-Tribune


One thought on “#Weinstein Effect: Sex perverts exposed in #SiliconValley and #Sacramento

  1. I’m just amazed that ALL of the Sacto politicians, Hollywood millionaire beautiful people and their money machine in Silicon valley are all sex Prev’s and they lecture us ALL day long on now we are racists.. too friggin white and then prey on young teens in the capital and industry.


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